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In 2005, former Supervisors Mark Church and Rose Jacobs Gibson established the Math and Science Workgroup and Innovation programs to promote and improve student achievement and teacher excellence in math and science employing creative strategies to engage and inspire students.  

Supervisors Carole Groom and Warren Slocum, are the Chair and Co-Chair respectively of the Math and Science Workgroup and Innovation programs currently.

The workgroup encourages collaborations between the County, cities, schools and businesses to build a strong workforce responsive to changes and demands in STEM innovation.

Our Mission

  • To prepare San Mateo County youth and young adults for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) careers
  • To support STEM career pathways from elementary to post-secondary education
  • To develop skills associated with STEM through hand-on learning opportunities for K-12 youth
  • To address the growing demand for a strong STEM workforce in the Bay Area

Stem Program Highlights

STEM  Request For Quotes (RFQ) 

Workforce and Economic Development San Mateo County (WED) has responsibility for supporting opportunities that contribute to cultivating a vibrant and diverse workforce in the county.  Its mission includes preparing youth and adults for current and future employment opportunities in the Bay Area. 

There is a growing demand for an educated STEM workforce, and it is critical that we engage and prepare youth to be STEM innovators of the future. The President’s Council on Science and Technology projects a need for an additional 1 million STEM graduates in the next 10 years for the US to be competitive in the global economy.  There are 1.4 STEM California job openings for every unemployed person. The County of San Mateo has supported Math and Science Innovation programs and Academic Centers, providing tutoring and homework assistance to elementary and middle school students in its mission of broadening STEM education opportunities for children and families to build a prosperous community.  The intent of this funding is to increase elementary and middle school youth engagement, interest and knowledge of STEM topics and careers, and to prepare all youth for STEM workforce opportunities. Programs which include youth participation in a STEM design challenge or competition are welcome.  This Request for Quotes (RFQ) focuses on two critical service areas for third to eighth grade youth:

  • Giving youth the opportunity to experience science through hands-on project based learning.

  • Providing early intervention and prevention of youth disengagement from school through increased interest in STEM activities that improve academic achievement, school attendance and preparation for the workforce.

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For more information contact:  Education Liaison, Josie Yu, (650) 599-5913, or email at


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